Client -  Captive Minds

We engaged Orbital in 2007/8 and they have been our IT support firm ever since. 

We had used a number of larger IT service companies prior to this, but found we quickly became ‘a number’ and were charged considerable amounts for what were often, quite small jobs. I also found that we were sent engineers that didn’t always know what they were doing.

Orbital has provided us with a highly personal, professional and tailored service. They provide robust and responsive support and have steadily helped to grow our IT system as our budget has allowed. We now number 30 staff and Orbital handles multiple requests from our team  - remotely and on-site as required.

In November 2014, we even engaged Orbital to help us with a project that required IT support services in Antarctica - a mission critical part of a multi-million pound project we were running. Orbital played a major role by servicing the system on-site in Antarctica, going above and beyond duty - to make sure the IT system we required was properly installed on a specially modified truck.

Orbital also works with our coding team to ensure our web servers are running efficiently. Within this environment, Orbital have also provided phenomenal support.

I can’t recommend Orbital Systems highly enough and would urge you to consider them as your first choice.

Marcus Chidgey - CEO

Client -  Shafii and Schmid


Shafii and Schmid were dealing with many problems including a PC server that was not stable, bad hosted email and general system problems. They called us and we went in the same day, we resolved their immediate issues that day and within two weeks had installed a Mac Mini server with a small RAID system. The Mac Server was used for file storage ,email and to virtualise their PC Server which was causing serious issues for them since they had to process orders for large chain stores without hinderance. The Virtualised Navision software worked about 10 times faster than the old PC and there are no more crashes. email works correctly and they no longer live at the whim of inefficient and ineffectual support..


When We needed help they were there in 1 hour, fantastic company. I would recommend them anyone with limited IT experience, go to Orbital they know it all -

Alex Shafii - Director

Client -  Michael Clark Company


The Michael Clark company needed their system to "just work", with a tightly run office of about 7 PC's and a hosted email system, things were begining to get difficult, what they wanted was a system that just worked with their iphones and the need for remote working, including an efficient email system.

We took them off remote hosting and moved them on to a Mac Mini server, replacing all their PC's with new Mac's and synced the whole lot up. Now things work as they should and the office is much better suited to their tightly run operation.


Orbital offered us in-depth advice on choosing the right hardware and services for our office, with great enthusiasm for and understanding of Mac products. They are always on hand for continued support. 

- Michael Clark Company

Client -  Production Studio

We had been stumbling through taking care of our own Macs and Mac servers but sudden growth and new equipment meant we needed help fast.
Orbital solutions came out the same week and fully configured our new Xserve & Xserve Raid, Macs & iPhones. It was made easy and questions asked in an uncomplicated manner, none of our strange setups and ways of working were laughed at and the whole system was set up with more services than we had imagined possible. Any minor tweaks were dealt with very quickly & remotely thus saving time & money.
We are now looking into asking Orbital to configure and install a full VoIP system with in our office and integrating a remote on site solution when our team are working away on events.

Guy Ferguson - Director

Client - Harrold Middle School

Harrold Middle School suffered from  no less than 3 seperate companies going on site and messing up the mac systems before we got there.


We chose Orbital systems to install a Xserve server and setup, connect and install 40 Apple computers is a busy middle school.
Choosing Orbital Systems made so much sense.
A fast, reliable service I can recommend.
No matter what was asked, they delivered with extreme competence and to high standard.
I wouldn't hesitate to use their expert service again.

Ray Lloyd - Head IT

Client - Blueprint Collections

Orbital Systems gave our design studio set-up a complete overhaul, resulting in our output being dramatically improved. 

Our network was optimised and we now have the assurance of a bullet-proof back up. 

They are always on hand to troubleshoot quickly and effectively when we need them.

Jessica Taylor - Senior Designer

Client - DNA Advertising Ltd.

Using Orbital’s remote support option we were able to resolve a major problem with our server. Their extensive Mac experience revealed several issues right away and, under their expert guidance, we were able to find the right solution. The initial problem was solved and the server (and its clients) has been happy ever since!

John Dawkins - IT Manager

Client - Tate Rail

I would highly recommend Orbital Systems, their engineers made the transition form PC to MAC environment seamless, our server was configured, iMacs set up in a day, all with the confidence of a complete after sales package.

Simon Carlton Crisp - MD

Client - The Bridge

The guys at Orbital Systems were very knowledgeable and helpful and were able to sort out our server even though we were half way round the world and on completely different time zones...

Alex Althorpe - Director

Client - Kingston Grammar School

We are pleased that Orbital Systems has rectified the problems that emerged on our discrete Music Macintosh network. A school needs a robust and reliable system in order to deliver the curriculum effectively, so that teachers and pupils can be engaged solely in the matter of high-quality teaching and learning, not spending valuable time sorting out minor irritations.

Mr Carl Jackson - Head Music Dept